F is for Fatal Femmes’

The Fatal Femmes’ (femmes’ pronounced fems), is just an idea I decided to start ages ago because I was so obsessed with super powered and strong, female characters. It took me back to why I write: because I can escape and have immense fun with this.

From the way it is playing out in my head, there is some influence from Robin Hood and Romeo and Juliet going on in this story. I think it is quite different to a lot of other superhero stories out there. In the way that it touches on wealth, and the people who are only rich get these super powers. But the team I created were brought together to protect the poor and innocent. Because some teenagers just don’t know when to stop. And the actual super-villains are quite a surprise to the story too; I don’t think it has been done in this way. Or should I say I know of nothing that has done it this way?

Anyway, Characters like Buffy,  Xena, Storm (from the X-men), Wonder Woman; I love all of them and their stories.

But I honestly think they are still not represented great within the superhero or heroine stories – well in some cases that is.

I mean you have Storm and Jean in the X-men films; two of the most powerful mutants; Jean Grey being one of several omega level mutants in the Marvel world; Iceman, Franklin Benjamin Richards and Rachel Summers are to name a few others, but in the films, it feels as if Jean hardly gets any dialogue to shine with her own story.

And what is worse, Storm’s words are pathetically pointless and lacking any kind of depth most of the time; she has hardly any screen time in comparison to the overdone Wolverine character (that I have never found an interest in at all). And yet Storm has went from stealing to survive as a child, to being worshiped as a goddess in Africa (which, for a short time, created a delusional shell that she was immortal), and then of course she joins the X-men. She has a lot to go on.

I was a bit happier to see that Jean Grey’s story started to come through in X2 a little bit more than the first, and also in X-men 3: The Last Stand. But I was a little disappointed in a way. Mostly because it still lacked any real depth or meaning for me personally; that came from the third film. Nevertheless, I did still enjoy it.

Buffy on the other hand, is a great strong female character. I would say she is one of the better examples on screen, alongside Whedon’s River character from his Firefly series and Serenity movie. This alongside Wonder Woman (who appeared in her first issue in 1941), who was in fact thee first female superhero created. Also, Alien film character Ripley helped Buffy become the person she is, mainly for the sole reason that she was the first major female strong character on screen; without these two characters (wonder women and  Ripley), women wouldn’t be portrayed so well in certain mediums now. So why not build on that now?

Joss Whedon (creator and writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, co-writer and producer of Cabin in the Woods. Not to mention that he has written a lot of stories for Marvel’s comics too, as well as the adored Toy Story screenplay). This guy knows what a strong female character is, and he shows it, usually.

Though I found Black Widow undervalued in the newest Avengers Assemble film. But I think that is probably just me. Since Joss Whedon didn’t create the team, he had to work with what he got. And he did a Marvel(ous) job at that.

Anyway, here is the characters I have come up with. They make the female super hero team: Fatal Femmes’:

Lena – technopath; controls all technological equipment with her mind. Electrifies objects and people on skin contact. Also, her mind stores information like a computer – very easily.

Suit name: Tech.

Lorna (twin sister to Lena) — time manipulation; can slow down time to an incredibly slow state so that it makes her look as if she is moving as fast as light itself. The only one who does any kind of close combat with physical contact, as she is the best at it.

Suit name: Light-touch.

Jacqueline – empath; originally only able feel others emotions around her; can use this as she develops her abilities to find and track people. But she begins to see that her own emotions influence those around her, and with the right training, could manipulate large masses of people in to feeling what she wants them to.

Suit name: Heavy Heart.

Marie – shapeshifter;  can transform in to any appearance or object she has seen. She becomes so gifted with her ability that she can shift in to the background to blend in and make herself look as if she is a part of it. 

Suit name: Cloak.

Eve – contactkinesis; this works much like telekinesis, but requires her touching the objects and people before moving them with her mind; the difference is that it is far more powerful and easier to control than telekinesis, and of course takes hardly no effort to concentrate in comparison. This makes it easier to levitate massive amounts of multiple items or beings. Once she has touched the item or person once, she can control it until she dies. Which makes her the perfect marksman, or markswoman — whatever you prefer.

Suit name: Kinetic.

Iris – magic imbuing and protective and healing spells. Iris is religious to the pagan belief; although she is loosing her faith gradually. But when she was given her powers some weeks later (because of her good wealth), she realised she didn’t get anything like anyone else. Truth be told, she thought she couldn’t do anything. All that showed some sign of ability was her pentagram (that was not upside down because she believed in the good magic could do) glowing blue. She snook the pentagram in to the mutation chamber because she was afraid of the process. The result was something very different than everybody else.

Her power stems from the necklace, but serves as a purpose for protecting and healing.

Months later down the road, she realised she could imbue any item with whatever trait her imagination could think of whilst holding the pentagram. But to begin with, she used a lot of reflective shields to help out with the team; and everything grew from there.

Iris’s power isn’t necessarily a superpower. It is an item that grants direct contact to the gods (and their powers) of her religion – and they always obey her command when she is in dire need of their help. Basically, she is the emergency character of the group.

Suit name: Blue Witch.

Till next time. Take it easy.

Jon x
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4 responses to “F is for Fatal Femmes’

  1. kenounirenashin

    Marvel(ous) – oh ho ho witty 😀

    Ooooh. Sounds fun!

  2. jtotheptothe

    I can really see myself having a lot of fun writing this one! And thanks Danni 🙂

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