G is for Genre

Genres are interesting.

There are so many genres and a lot of books cross over genres that it is hard to answer the question “What is your favourite genre?”

As I said in my post about detectives, genres can have sub-genres, sub-genres can have sub-sub-genres and so on. For example, the historical novel is a genre, but breaking it down to “First World War” or “Medieval” or “Victorian” opens up another raft of subgenres to play with. The sci-fi/fantasy genre is the same, ecompassing time travel, space flight, steampunk (opinions may differ on that), and many, many more.

I try not to pin myself down to one genre (even though those that know me say that I do), as it’s so hard to say that you do. Elements cross over, as they do in real life and I don’t think some books can be put into the same categories.

The problem with genres is that if you’re looking for one thing, there may be a book with those elements in but not where you would be looking. For example: You might like romance and want a fantasy/sci-fi setting. Do you look in the fantasy section or do you look in the romance section?

There’s no perfect way to store books. I have mine in a random jumble, the only thing keeping some of the books together is the same author. It works for me, but not for others. One thing I don’t understand is when people sort thier bookshelves by colour. Yes, it looks good but where’s the order!

On Friday I’m going to the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour and am VERY excited. Expect something on that next week!

Sorry this was very short, busy times! Continue the genre discussion in comments!



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