G is for… Gel Pens and Gratitude.

Hi folks!

So, today’s topic/s: gel pens and gratitude. The latter is just a brief thing that I’ll talk about at the end, based on an article I found that I want to share.

So! Gel pens!

I know that most pens these days have gel like ink, but those aren’t the pens I mean… If you’re a 90s kid then you’ll remember those smelly pens, marbled pens, glittery gel pens… They were all so cool. I still have a bunch actually. I enjoy writing with them, and they’re really quite quick to use up – but most people wouldn’t consider that a good thing because gel pens can be quite pricey. I, however, do consider it a good thing because I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I have to throw away an empty pen or store away a filled up notebook. But maybe that’s just a “me” thing – I am a little weird after all.

There’s a brand, a Japanese brand I believe, of gel pens; Sakura pens I think it’s called, and they do lots of different types of these pens. I mean, these pens have a bunch of different effects. Here’s a link to the Cult Pens’ page with all the types on it. (No affiliation, I’m just a very happy customer who believes that their website is very informative.) The Soufflé pens sound incredibly interesting (to me) and I wouldn’t mind maybe trying one out. I might have to pick one up next time I order something from Cult Pens and have a play with one.

I love gel pens. The ones I use (mostly Uni balls and a few Zebras I think) are smooth writers. And the scented ones? Gah! I love scented pens (which is probably why I’m branching out into scented fountain pen ink). Scented pens were just… The best thing in the world when I was younger. Now they come 3rd in the list of awesome stationery things. First would be my fountain pens, second would be the peacock green Pilot G2s and third would then be the scented gel pens (fourth would be the Zebra marble gel pens, if anyone’s interested.) There’s also the memory of getting a full, brand new set of gel pens, and trying to use them carefully, so they didn’t run out too soon, or trying to use them equally so they all ran out at roughly the same time. Aaah.

Like I said, so many pens nowadays have gel like ink, that almost all writing is quite a lovely experience, but nothing will beat the sparkly, smelly, marbled pens of my youth.

Basically: gel pens = blissful childhood glee.

Now. In regards to gratitude, I’d like to share this article with you all. That there article struck a chord with me – I personally do catalogue the negative way more than I do the positive. I think maybe, as a society, we’re all guilty of that (see the news as an example, it’s all so depressing). I don’t think it would do anyone any harm to take five minutes before bed every night to acknowledge (either verbally or by writing it down) say, three things that they were grateful for that day, or even, just three thing that made you smile that day. I think it’s about time we all said “screw you” to the negativity.

On that note… Until next week folks.

Danni x

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