H is for Harry

(This post was inspired by this, which is both in the form of a blog and a book)

Dear Mr. Potter,

Sometimes I can’t remember my life without you. Sometimes I can. Often, Hogwarts, and sometimes even 4 Privet Drive, has felt like a safe haven, a place where nothing matters and the same familiar stories play out, feeling slightly different each time. The world in which you live has driven people away, but ultimately brought me closer to some people. With Hogwarts as a common interest amongst friends, it almost fills a gap. Even in the years when I found much of my social life talking to people on the internet, you were the thing that brought us together.

I haven’t experienced your world like some have, gathering together with hundreds of others to celebrate the genius of our beloved J.K Rowling, but that doesn’t matter. Reading is an individual, intimate experience where nobody feels the same about the words, even if it seems like they do. Nobody will love your world the way I do, just as I will never love your world as they do.

Hogwarts has made me who I am today. Without it, without the world and the people, I wouldn’t be the same. You have taught me to embrace what I love, and even as a teenager when Harry Potter was popular, but not “cool”, I persevered. Liking Harry Potter, liking a ‘children’s’ book was not looked well upon, but that didn’t matter. I wouldn’t stop reading just because it wasn’t cool.

The Harry Potter world is not perfect, and neither are the books, but nobody is. Flaws are what make up a world, a character, a book, a series. Without Hogwarts, I probably would not have started writing, I wouldn’t have gone to university, I wouldn’t be writing this. Hogwarts has given me more than I realise, as I has for everyone that has walked down those hallowed halls. In those wonderful words, that are to be found floating around the internet everywhere: “we defended the Stone, we found the Chamber, we freed the Prisoner, we were chosen by the Goblet, we fought alongside the Order we learnt from the Prince and we mastered the Hallows.”

Harry, you taught me to be brave, to fight for what you believe in, to value your loved ones over yourself, Ron taught me to be loyal, to always go back to those that you love and that family is so important and Hermione taught me not to be scared of being thought clever, but also that girls can be just as good as boys in every way.

The trio, my trio who were there for me whenever I needed them: Harry, Ron and Hermione, my fictional best friends, until the very end.


Elizabeth, aged 23.



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4 responses to “H is for Harry

  1. kenounirenashin

    D: this is beautiful. What an idea!

  2. And this proves how literature can impact a generation…

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