H is for… Handwriting.

Morning folks.

Well, I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to come up with an idea for this week, considering the fact that I do so much of the stuff. But no; the idea slapped me around the face early Friday morning, not long after I’d just woken up. How odd. Oh well!

So; handwriting. To write by hand, also referred to as longhand. Handwriting is also used to describe the mess on the page after we’ve written on it; “oh, that’s my handwriting.” I think I’ll talk about both, although the former is what I initially had in mind.

So yes. My actual handwriting. My chicken scratch. It’s not pretty, it really isn’t – I’ve seen some people who have really beautiful handwriting. My own is better with a fine point pen and it’s better with a fountain pen – with biros it’s just… Not nice. I can still read it no matter what I use to write with, although sometimes it may take a moment or two to figure out one or two of the words, but ultimately, I can still read it. That’s the most important thing I guess, and that’s all that matters. Oh, and my pen friends can read it too. That’s good. Here, I’ll show you a photo. I apologise for the shoddy lighting.

terrible, terrible lighting. Sorry!

Now. Handwriting, or longhand, as in, the act of. I do so much of it nowadays I handwrite almost everything; I especially like to handwrite blog posts before typing them, as I’ve mentioned many times before. Obviously, I don’t handwrite texts, Tweets, Facebook statuses, instant messages, forum posts or emails first – that would be a tad on the obsessive side.

I much prefer to handwrite. I feels like the words flow better, like they form easier? I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone other than me. I like the way the nibs of my pens and the inks glide across the paper, the way ink glistens on the page until it dries, the way ink looks like it’s one colour when it’s wet and another when it’s dry. I like the way a new notebook feels, how it feels to take the plastic wrap off of a new notebook, how the pages feel and smell, just waiting for my words. I love the way ink smells – and not just fountain pen ink, or scented gel pen inks. Almost all pens have a smell. I like the way paper feels after you’ve written on it, and the way it sounds – all crinkly and fabulous. I like the satisfying clicking noise of a retractable pen, or the heavier click (and the feel) of when you push a cartridge into an fountain pen, or when you push the cap onto any pen.

In addition to all that, as I mentioned before (in a different post I think), I get a sense of self satisfaction when I have to throw away an empty pen. It feels wonderful to know you wore that pen out, damn it. That the pen gave you everything it had and you have its blood all over those bits of paper over there. Likewise; filling up a notebooks – wonderful. It’s lovely to flick through and see all those filled pages. And! You get to unwrap a new one (or, pick a new one from your piles, if you’re anything like me) afterwards – and I’ve already mentioned the joy that can bring. Oh! And then you’ve got that first page blank page of the new notebook feeling. It’s almost romantic in a way. That page could be anything; you just have to decide what. It’s all you baby, the whole thing, it’s all you.

You just don’t get all that when you only write on a computer. At least, I don’t. I don’t get half as much satisfaction. I only “get” that satisfying clicky clacky noise of the keyboard – and even then, not every keyboard has a good enough typing noise.

Whilst typing can be quicker and more convenient for most people, it doesn’t always work for me. Yes, it’s quicker, that’s for sure, but, I don’t always enjoy it too much. I guess I associate the keyboard with all the uni essays and what not. Also, I don’t enjoy typing as much as handwriting because I’m one of those odd people who enjoys writing. The old fashioned way, with a pen and a sheet of paper (or twelve). I think with all these tablets and smart phones and e-readers and whatnot, “the old ways” are quickly forgotten and abandoned. I think that’s a shame. A damn shame.

I guess I try to do my bit, so please guys, try and pick up a pen a little more often.

Until next week folks,

Danni x

Blog post word count: 795 words.


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