H is for Heedian

Heedian is one of the seven Gods and Goddesses I created for my fantasy story. See all seven below:

Heedian: God of disguises and changing form.

Remor: The night god of space.

Solare: Goddess of all wild life.

Oranos: God of the cold and icy seas.

Xenne: Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and the mind.

Emae: God of the sun and fire.

Greshin: Goddess of feral nature.

Heedian’s godly abilities was largely inspired by the Greeks. Pretty much everything seems to be these days.

As a lot of you will already know, the Greek gods would disguise themselves as mortals and roam the land they watched over. Some even had children with mortals. Hercules will more than likely spring to mind for many of you.

Heedian’s powers are just simple shape-shifting ones: People, animals, objects — anything.

He soon discovered the onlooker of any mortal changes his appearance to the individual’s liking. Only the image is in each person’s head. Yes, it is not an actual shift, as his power suggests.

He began to love this passive ability. But over hundreds of years it grew old, and he wanted to take a mortal as his wife now. Only then did he discover the facade of his appearance would never reveal his true form. The true him. It was not until his father Emae told him:

“You must show your true heart to a single woman. And if she accepts you as you are, I will break the curse I have given you for your treachery against me.”

Heedian was shocked. He never knew his father had cursed him until now.

Emae purposely failed to mention that this woman he would actually want as a bride would see his horrible heart as his appearance — his heart, his image.

He was ugly to all those shallow people on Adalas he wanted to wed.

Almost all of them turned him away. But there was one that gave him a chance:

“I am a lonely girl that enjoys the comfort of all men,” she told him. He smiled and saw that this woman was as ugly as he figured he looked to her. But Heedian felt comfortable around her. A god feeling comfortable and on the same level as any mortal is a rare, if not impossible thing to feel for them. The curse ended there that night. But they did not wed. Something else entirely happened. They had a child. And that child became an important demi god: The truth of the living spirit.

Heedian isn’t directly in the story of my novels. But his powers are in one of the Edeolon warriors. Her name: Lauret.

Sorry about the lazy post people. It has been a tough day. I would like to say this though:

When you feel like you don’t belong here, there is always God. He will love you no matter what good or bad you have done. We are all equals in his eyes. His love is unconditional. He will always care. There is no better or best to him, nor lesser or worst. He only has love, and above all — the truth. And the truth is that he loves all!

This post has my tears for all the wrong reasons this time 😦

Take care



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