I is for… Inkjoys (review).

Hiya folks!

So today I’m going to write a review for you. It has, however been awhile since I wrote one, so I apologise if I’m a bit rusty. Another thing. My photos are quite bad, and I’m very sorry about that, but I currently cannot do any better. They’re a bit dark and I really do apologise but I can’t change that at the moment. I’m really very sorry.

Oh! As usual, I’m not being paid to do this review, nor did anyone ask me to do it; I purchased the pens with my own money and am doing this review off of my own back.

Anyway, on with the review.

Today I’m reviewing these:

PaperMate Inkjoy 300 RT (retractable) 1.0 M in fashion/fun colours (fushia/pink, blue, green, purple/violet.)

I’ve seen many reviews for these things from reviewers in the United States. I didn’t see many positive reviews actually now that I come to think about it. We (here in the UK) haven’t had these pens for that long (I think) so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon when I saw a small display of the PaperMate Inkjoys in my local WHSmith’s. I was looking for a green pen at the time so I picked up a four pack of these pens in the fashion/fun colours for £3.99 (£1 a pen, I thought, not too bad.) So, onto the pile of things they went. (I don’t use a basket in Smith’s – I carry every/anything I’m going to buy.)

First thing’s first – they look good. Bright coloured barrels, good grip section, no mistaking what colour you’ve picked up, a good clip at the top and the button at the top to retract the pen doesn’t wriggle/shake around noisily and/or annoyingly, unless you turn the pen upside down.

Terrible handwriting, but here's a colour sample.

Those colours are pretty accurate actually, except the green one. Maybe it’s just the pen I got, but the colour isn’t actually that strong. Which is a darn shame because if the colour was a little bit more pigmented, it would be practically perfect.

I think the pens perform fairly well, I think they’re easy to write with, they glide across my papers fairly well. Except the green one. Writing with the green pen feels like hard work; that’s probably because of the fact that the colour isn’t quite as easy to see as the other three pens. Either way, not fun.

The ink flow in the pens seems pretty even and ‘easy.’ Except with the blue pen. My blue pen does this a bit:
Can you see that? That blob on the tip of the pen? Not cool. But wipe that off and it’s fine afterwards. The purple one does that too, but not even half as badly, so that’s not an issue. And sometimes, after a little while of not using the pens, the pink one takes a scribble or two to get going. But that doesn’t take long either.

So they have their not so good points, but irregardless I like them. The green ink is still quite nice, the blobbling doesn’t bother me too much ’cause I always have something to wipe the tips on and I normally scribble for a couple of seconds before I start writing anyway. I really like the colours of the ink, and the brightness of them. I also like how ‘easy’ it is to write with these pens. I’m not normally a fan of PaperMate’s pens because writing with them, much like with the green pen, feels too much like hard work, which isn’t what writing’s about for me. However, these are good. I like them, and for about a pound a pen, I don’t think there’s much to complain about.

I find myself reaching for these pens a lot. When I need something other than a fountain pen that is. So they must be good, right? But yes. I like the things. You might not have the same problems I did, but at least you’ve been forewarned now. It’s possible. Keep an open mind anyway.

Overall, good pens. I like them, and I don’t regret buying them. Cheap, colourful, cheerful, comfortable workhorses. Or, you can put them in your office pen pot of pens you wouldn’t miss if someone took them if you don’t like them.

Erm… I don’t think I have anything else to cover right now, so if there is anything else, leave a comment.

Until next week folks!

Danni x

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