I is for Internet

Whilst the internet can give writers knowledge at their fingertips, it can also be evil to people like me.

Click on the Facebook shortcut, ‘like’, comment on someone’s status, play games, ‘like’. There might even be a little bit of porn that helps distract me too. Okay, maybe there is a lot. But when you neglect your penis (if you are a male), you neglect yourself. Now I can’t be having that 😛

Many writers have confessed and admitted that the internet can be more of a distraction than asset. Especially when you are expected to have a 70,000 plus word novel and have already spent your advance. You have to have those words down no matter what. So what do some of these people do? They disconnect themselves from being online, duh. It seems to work for some. Good for them, I say — the lucky bastards.

I can’t say that I can disconnect myself from the internet, but I agree that I would get a lot more writing and editing done if I did. Instead, I time myself with a stop watch, and when I am done for that alloted time, I let my internet frenzy begin — it only lasts twenty minutes long though. Then I start writing or editing again.

There will be one day when I can actually disconnect from the internet all together. I hope! But until then, ‘bleep’; that’s the sound my stop watch makes when I start the timer. And I need to start now.

So later people. Hope you enjoyed this week’s posts.

Jon xxx




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