I is for Iteration

At the risk of looking dangerously clever and close to the theme, people repeat themselves. Computer programmers do it. Models do it. Firemen do it. [Your parents job] do it. I’m not just talking about the things we or they say either, but actions. Repeating the same action and expecting different results may be madness, but repeating the same action with an ultimate goal that changes based on the amount of time you put into it is natural.

One thing I was a massive fan of as a kid was choose-your-own-adventure books. While they’re rarer now and I spend significantly less time with them since the introduction of mainstream video gaming to my life, this interest has evolved into a fascination with parallel universes. When writing, I always keep iteration in mind: after all, what could be different? What if your character took the blue pill? What if they’d missed their flight? What if instead of resisting the darkness in their heart, they embraced it and went full-on evil mode?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Never be afraid of that.


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