J is for… Journals.

Hiya folks!

So. J. J week. Actually, this week gave me some trouble in regards to thinking of a topic. (I’m not looking forward to O, V, or Y for the same reason – I have at least one idea for every other letter. Yes, even X.) That’s why this entry might be a tad… Bleh.

So anyway. Journals. Also referred to as a diary and can be referred to as a blog. Either way, they can be public or private. Online blogs tend to be more public due to the anonymity of the Internet, so you can write a personal diary/blog online and let everyone and/or anyone (or no-one at all) read it. Sometimes this can be a good thing – you feel better for getting it all off of your chest and letting it out, and sometimes strangers that aren’t in the middle of the whole thing, a neutral party – sometimes they give the best advice.

There are also other types of journals, like book journals, film journals, music journals, style journals… Things like that. Places to record your ideas and opinions on different topics. (Actually, Moleskine have a good range of Passion Journals for this sort of thing.) I however, wanted to focus on the more personal kind.

Anyway. Publishing your personal thoughts for just anyone to read is not for everyone. You can make online blogs private so that only you can see it. If typing’s your thing that is. For most people I know (who do journal) – they much prefer to do it old school style – by hand, on paper. Either in a notebook or on loose leaf paper which they then put in a binder.

There’s something… Ritualistic about it all, especially if you’re partaking in it for the first time, or you’ve finished one journal. The selecting of the new or next notebook that has to be just right, the selecting of the perfect pen or indeed, pens, to use with that journal… And then, deciding when you will or can sit down to write, which time of day you can carve out to be yours. Hey, even carving out a space where you can write is a little indulgent. Especially if you’re allowed to mark that space and decorate it, to truly make it yours.

Actually now that I think about it, that is roughly the same sort of thing that I go through when I write anything. Or, when I pick a new notebook to continue writing in. Well, I don’t carve out a place to write, because I already have one. I do tidy it from time to time though, so I guess that kind of counts.

Anyway. Journalling’s very good for you, especially if you find it difficult to talk to people about things – it allows you to make sense of everything and to get it all in some form of order before you talk about it, if that’s your intention, of course. Or you could just write everything down and then let someone read it. It’s also a good way of keeping a personal account of events, or of your life in general. I’ve written letters in my journal – ones I’ve never sent obviously, but it really helped me “talk” to people about issues I had, so I could let those issues go and get some closure.

Plus it gives me somewhere to vent when there’s no-one to listen to me, or I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems.

A journal can help you look back on your life; the tough times you’ve been through – and it reminds you that you made it through all those difficult moments – you know, the ones that you thought were never going to end? A journal can remind you that they do end, and that you can (and do) get through the tough times. Not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

If you haven’t tried it, maybe you should. It’s very therapeutic. Give it a go next time you’re feeling lost, or upset. Or even when you’ve had a really good day – it’s just as important to remember the good times too. Pictures are awesome but sometimes a written account can tell you so much more.

Some say that writing is good for the soul. In which case, journalling must be even better, right?

Until next time folks.

Danni x

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