K is for Keep Going

Probably the most important part of writing is to keep going.

Shrug the nasty comments off, prove them wrong; you can’t do that if you give up.

If I’m honest, I’m so self-critical it’s difficult to think what to do with my work before I even enter an room of writers ready to critique it. I’m not surprised I hate it (like many others do).

I had a talk with a friend quite a while ago about background. I’ve been taught that there shouldn’t be much of it in a story, especially if you can help it. And if you do use it, make sure it is active happening scenes. I don’t always do this myself though. Which worried me. This is probably why most of my work isn’t publishable (even though I havn’t tried with most if it), but I’m not really bothered about that anyway.

Anyway, this friend I was talking to said that he loved Stephen King’s books because of the complete opposite reason. All the background of the objects and characters are fleshed out to quite a high degree in some he said, or words to that effect. But the conversation was cut short from me working on a game project with him and two others. Surprisingly, I will be writing the script to that in the foreseeable future. So I didn’t find out what books he was talking about specifically yet.

But I find it odd about all our individual tastes out there. They conflict each other. It’s like a big circle of dos and don’ts — only they don’t make sense to one another. I personally think it’s all about what works for the writer’s style and voice really. I will be touching more on the writer’s voice on the V week.

Plodding on is what makes a good story great. When you think it is ready, you are probably only half way. Shitty first drafts. No: More like shitty first five drafts.

I know it can be hard to keep going as a writer. Your imagination is everything to you, and with a great imagination you are also given great inner conflict. So what do we do?

To answer this (above) you have to go way back to why most people write: Because the journey is fun! That’s it. It’s a complex question, but with such a simple answer. So have fun with your writing. No excuse or person should  take that away from you. Fuck what the world thinks. It’s time to be selfish — and that’s the real truth.

Take care all



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