K is for Keep ’em Keen

Who am I to break an impromptu theme week?

The single most important thing that decides if you’re successful with anything you write are pancakes. No, it’s interest. You could spend months writing the most well-thought-out, emotionally moving and awe-inspiring piece, but opinions may vary and if you devoted the time to writing something for profit, then you might run into difficulty if it’s not interesting.

This one is basic. Yes, write what you love (with minor exceptions), but ask yourself if you believe someone would enjoy it. No, don’t do the angsty “NO-ONE LOVES MY WRITING!” thing. Seriously think about it, is this something that you’d read? It may be a trying thing to think about after re-reading and editing the word document several thousand times but be fair to yourself.

Is it too melodramatic? Does it flow well? The tried and tested method of putting it in a drawer for a week, going off and having adventures and then coming back is one that can help change your perspective and see what works. Show it to family members or close friends, bask in the glory of their personal bias, and then cut it down to Earth again.

Be exceptional. Be interesting.


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