L is for Laurie

Laurie is probably my most formed character. He actually first came into my head as a character called Pip who appeared in an unfinished short story which was really the springboard for my novel. (Incidentally, the other character was called Laurence, but then  that’s recycling for you!) I spent hours (probably) deliberating over character names the when planning my novel and was finally glad when the names all clicked into place.

I wouldn’t say that I know Laurie inside out as a character yet, even though I’ve been writing him for about two years or more now. He still constantly surprises me and says things I’m not expecting. Now, all the non-writers are going to think I’m mad talking about a fictional character as if he is a real person, but never mind!

Laurie’s story is the only one I have completed and felt happy with. Although the story has gone through many rewrites and is still in them, I have to say it’s the story I feel most confident about, even though at times the constant rereading and rewriting makes me angry.

Laurie is probably the character that is most like me (if the notion that an author puts a little of themselves into their characters). We live in the same place, for a start (well, not specifically, but close enough), we both love reading and we both like avoiding trouble. The rest of our character traits are quite different. I think when you go to bed thinking about what you want your character to do or say, you’ve got yourself a good character.

Laurie’s story is long, and sometimes horribly painful but I felt that it was a story that I wanted to tell. The characters that I have created for this story are ones that will stay with me even if they never make it onto the printed page or beyond my grasp.


Currently reading: The Sword in the Stone by T. H. White.


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