L is for… Lamys, Letters and Luckiness.

Aha, three for the price of one!

Hey folks.

So, we know from my F post (F is for Fountain Pen Fascination) that I love fountain pens. And, as evident from the photo in that post, I love Lamy fountain pens. It’s true – I do. I love the clip on the cap, the interchangeability of the nibs, and I even like the shape of the things. But what I love most is the colours on both the Safari and the Al-Stars. (I’d comment on other Lamy pens but I don’t own any so I can’t.)

What I love even more is when one of my Lamys matches a notebook I’m using. And if the ink matches too? Oh, be still my heart. Unfortunately, my latest love only ticks two out of three boxes… My Lamy Coffee matches something I bought but I have no brown ink. Lamy don’t make a brown and I’m yet to order any samples / ink cartridges that are.

That leads me onto my luckiness. Last week, the boyfriend and I were in town and I wanted to pop into TKMaxx. I’m so glad that I did! Sitting on the top shelf in the Home section, at the back with all the books and stationery and storage boxes, was a pile of Filofaxes! Most of them were the Mini sized ones but there were two, I think, Personal sized ones. Most of the bunch were Metropols, in Lavender, with maybe one of the Minis in Raspberry I think it was, but there was this one other Personal sized one that caught my eye.

(As usual, my photography, sucks. It's much better in person.)

From the labels on the inside, it’s a Personal Sketch in Chocolate. I love it. I think it’s beautiful – much nicer and more sophisticated than the Personal Metropol in Kingfisher Blue I was originally lusting over.

Now, a Personal sized Filofax can cost you somewhere in the region of £30 or so, £5 either side of the scale. Guess how much I got the Sketch for?

No idea?

£13.00 – thirteen British pounds. What a major deal! It is a beautiful thing at such a great price, so naturally, I had to have it. Even the boyfriend agreed. Now I just have to get myself some proper inserts for it and I’m good to go. I’m waiting until next year to use it – I have so many things on the go at the moment; things to track progress and whatnot. Most of those things end around Christmas, so next year would be a perfect time to introduce the Sketch into my life. I really want to use my Lamy Coffee with it too, they’re such a perfect match, but I have to find the right ink for it first.

Some people think that a Filofax is a bit old fashioned. Well, fountain pens are having a resurgence and Filofaxes are actually, extremely popular, more so than most people think. Especially in this digital age. I personally love this information and I don’t care what people have to say about it.

Letters are another such thing – “old fashioned” and so forth, but still popular, even with the recent rise of the cost of postage stamps. I love writing letters and I love receiving letters. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen enough for my liking. I’d like more people to write to actually.

Anyway, my point today is, I believe, that the old fashioned ways, in this digital age; they’re not dying and I don’t think that they will. I think more people should re-embrace the old ways.

Until next time folks,

Danni x

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6 responses to “L is for… Lamys, Letters and Luckiness.

  1. Pen

    I got a TWSBI! I love it, but it’s a bit too flashy for me to feel comfortable using at school. (And I’m afraid of losing it/having it stolen.) xD

    I’m looking into getting a Lamy Safari but right now I’m just not sure which color!

    • kenounirenashin

      I’m thinking of getting a TWSBI, and the more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards it.

      If you like to see into your pen, you could always get a Lamy Vista, a converter and some various, different sized nibs. Then you’d be all kinds of sorted. Failing that… I understand what you mean, there are so many lovely colours, even in Lamy Al Stars! My personal favourites are the Apple Green and the Aquamarine Safaris and the Ruby Red Al Star, but apparently the Charcoal (matte black) is pretty nice.

      Let me know if you ever mange to decide!

      Oh, and I’m going to add you blog to my own personal blogroll – I love your url! 😀


      • Pen

        It’s very nice! The grip is super comfortable and it’s so gorgeous… it kind of reminds me of a sonic screwdriver too. xD But maybe I’m just too obsessed with that…

        I want an Apple Green or Aquamarine. (Or well, all of them really… haha) but they’ve been sort of hard to find lately without some ridiculous shipping. So I’m in between the white and black at my local art store… since they’ll look nice with any ink and won’t stand out that much in school.

        I haven’t posted anything on my blog yet, haha. I actually went to tumblr with the same url since the community there (as far as I know) is a little bit bigger.

      • kenounirenashin

        I see the Aquamarine in Paperchase a lot actually, but at might be because my local Paperchase is a bit behind, but hey, if t gives me possibly a second chance to get things I missed, who cares?

        And, I think you’re right! The TSWBI does look like a sonic screwdriver! Ok, now I really want one XD

  2. Pen

    I’m not sure what that store is. I don’t think we have that in the U.S. 😦 The only art store nearby doesn’t seem to realize that they’re limited edition. Or know anything about pens. XD They said the aquamarine was out of stock and would be back soon but it’s a “new product” so they weren’t sure when. I really hate the limited editions with their artificial rareness… GIVE US MORE GOOD THINGS. XD

    When I first saw the TWSBI that was the first thing that made me say “I NEED ONE”. Then I read up on it… ;D

    • kenounirenashin

      Hmm. JetPens.com have the Apple Green (and are pretty cool) and I think Amazon.com has the Aquamarine. Failing that http://www.bureaudirect.co.uk ships to the States for $10.

      Also, the more I look at the TWSBI ad the more I read about it, the more I want it XD

      ~ Danni

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