L is for Learning

Being a writer is all about learning. Whether you are the greatest editor and writer doesn’t matter. You still have to do research. You have to always be willing to learn!

I done a fair amount of research on mythology myself a while ago. I was going to have to write short mythological stories about my worlds at some point to explain a few things. So I have.

I like them myself, and they have took a considerable amount of time to write considering how short they are. I’ve only wrote two up to now. But them two cover everything that is necessary, so I don’t see the point in doing more at this moment.

Here is the way my first novel actually begins now. It has changed for good reasons.

If you don’t see it, this actually sets up the story at a rather fast pace. Which I always like at the beginning of books.

Here is the result of me reading two mythology non-fiction books and 22 mythological tales. Enjoy:

The Three

It has been forgotten that a line of stars hides three key planets in the war of neons. This war has been upon the galaxy for longer than most would believe.

Now this special alignment of stars has a story on its own. And the power of it results in all worlds a little behind Pluto – to be hidden.

The key (hidden) worlds in the war are: Amaranth, Adalas and Astora.

Starao is the name of these three planets together as a group; and it is named as such because of the demigod that initially gave the gift of star magic. She was the first loving and kind demigod, or god; and she was the first born from a human’s loving act which was given to the goddess Remor, (the night goddess of space).

The gods and goddesses that are worshipped by all three worlds are:


Emae: God of the sun and fire.

Xenne: Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and the mind.

Graeus: God of wild nature.

Solare: Goddess of all feral life.

Heedian: The god of disguises and changing form.

Remor: Night goddess of space.

And Oranos: God of the cold and icy seas.


These are the beings that created the Starao worlds. But they didn’t nurture them with much love.

However, the three planets still worshiped their creators regardless, and eventually agreed on a name for this religion: Edeolon.

This first demigod, Starao, found out quite soon that her powers were unlike any other god or goddess. They descended from the energies above her – the stars. She could hide and protect herself as she experimented with her abilities on Astora: This being the planet’s name some years later, as it was an anagram of her own.

After more time, her power grew and become even more potent – expanding to more than just the defence of the user. This half god who was loved by all grew fast in mind and body. She began to teach her magic to others for self-defence; she saw that the gods and goddesses were cruel and played with the lives of their creations for mere entertainment. She felt betrayed that such barbaric actions came from her own family.

Starao became enraged at what she saw them do over time; it seemed as if they never stopped, and she, their daughter, decided to do something about it.

It was now that Starao summoned down a star from above. And from this star, she crafted a weapon, a rod – a one that could be used by a spell-caster to control both magic and technology; they would be able to fuse the two together to create and destroy entire armies.

The demigod travelled, (looking like a shooting star in space), and gave this weapon to the leader of the spell-casters on Amaranth: Just after that they built the city Castora, the greatest defence of their planet.

The leader of spell-casters forever vowed they would teach their magic to others, so it may be carried on – so there would always be a spell-caster who could use this rod to protect them of whatever came their way.

This rod of power remains in the tower of magic users under guard on Amaranth to this day.


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