N is for Nothing

Do you ever have those days when ideas are void from your mind and any plot points or character development you had in mind have completely vanished, never to be found again, even though you haven’t been able to stop thinking about them for weeks?

Yep, that’s my life right now.  My brain is so mushed from all the talking and selling and generally working with the public crap that I do day-to-day that I feel like no good ideas are ever going to return. I currently have open the thing I’m supposed to be working on but am so uninspired that I just don’t think I can handle writing a word. It was a challenge to come up with an idea for this post.

I read an (old) article the other day about Jodi Picoult and how she gets up and starts writing at 7.30am and doesn’t stop until 3.30pm when her children come home from school. It would be nice to be so disciplined about writing but I’m not sure I could sit down and force ideas at set times. In the same article, it mentioned that Picoult was always working on three projects at once: editing one book, writing another and researching a third. It would also be nice to have the time and money to be able to do that, but then she is a best selling author and I am not.

I’ve said before that the only reason I’m sticking with my current project is because I like the characters. This still stands, but I think I’m also just too uninspired to create new ones. Inspiration comes in the strangest places, but it certainly doesn’t come at 9am in a cold cathedral.


Currently reading: The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst


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