N is for Never Say Never—Again

For most of you who wouldn’t know the title’s cross reference/pun. Here it is:

Today we look at why people consider themselves a (insert job title here). And why a lot don’t consider themselves a (insert dream job here).

From what I’ve read about it, it usually stems primarily from fear. Also a large number of people do not like change from their day to day lives; basically, they like to play it safe. Which I can understand. I used to be one of those people. But look at it like this:

What would you regret doing if you died tomorrow, next week or next year? I know the answer will be a great many things. All of us want to accomplish so much.

Most people still fall into the pit of the ‘I am my job’ theory. Which is great if you have the job you’ve always wanted and love it! But if you don’t, then start taking the stairs to success. I’m sorry to say there is no elevator (unless you are fortunate enough to be a son or daughter of a wealthy business man etcetera). I’m still taking the stairs myself. I’m trying. Some days I wonder if it is worth doing at all. But the bigger picture is an enormous YES. So I keep plodding on. And you should too, or start to. They say it is the journey that counts. I still have a lot to prove to not just myself, but other people.

Till next time


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