O is for Overachiever

I’m not much of an overachiever, so much so that when I found out my degree result I burst into tears. So, is there any link between authors and the way they form their characters to make them more like them?

Many of my characters are, in some sense, overachiever. They are army captains, head boys, authority figures, students of prestigious universitiesĀ  etc, etc. I make my characters be more than myself as I think many authors may do, to make them do and achieve things I know I never could.

Authors live, I think, through their characters, and send their characters on adventures beyond (perhaps) their own reach. I, for example, am writing a novel about three characters traipsing across Europe because I cannot afford to do it myself. I know it’s not really the same thing, but that’s how it goes.

At the moment, I’m not achieving much at all, but I’m trying. Writing is going very slowly but I keep having new ideas and am hoping to start developing ideas with my fellow blogger Jon. We shall see.


Currently reading: The Stranger’s Child – Alan Hollinghurst (It’s very good!)



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