O is for Overdone

When I showed my first draft to my dissertation tutor in university, I was quite shocked that he said it was too concise.

You hear all these rumours about people having too many words; being superfluous, flowery, exaggerating. For example, a page of description for a sunset or flower, etcetera. But no. Mine was far too concise.

I may have geeked out a little when he compared it to feeling like [a fantasy version of] X-men. He did enjoy it, or at least that’s what he wrote. But looking at the bigger picture, I knew it was concise. I could add many nifty and novelty ideas later on. Flesh out my characters to be more realistic. Add flare when it was needed. But I needed something to work with first: A blue print; a very bad one might I add, especially in comparison to my third and current draft.

I am spending most of my time editing and doing coursework to become an editor and proofreader at the minute. Which for me is quite like suicide, but never mind. (The pay starts at ten pound an hour, and is capped at twenty four. Have no idea why that number? But I’m not going to complain if I manage to get any of that kind of pay.)

Getting back to the point of the blog post:  I must confess that I’m more of a concise writer than an overdone one. But that is just as bad sometimes, if not worse — for me. I am quite frequently overwhelmed with the options I can take and go in. But if you work with anything long enough, I usually find that it sorts itself out — and at the most unexpected of times.


Jon here. I would like to wish you all a splendid week, or the rest of.


Currently reading:

The Ministry of Fear

Author: Graham Green


Life and Laughing

Author: Micheal McIntyre


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