O is for Organic

In today’s edition of Gardening with Craig, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of organic produce.

No, not really.

You’re probably slightly confused as to my choice of word for this week, but allow me to explain. More often than not, writers plan. Writers spend countless hours thinking and plotting and mummifying their house with sticky notes and abusing the use of a conjunctive several times in the same sentence and planning every single little detail of their novel. This is just one way of creating a realistic novel.

The organic approach is the opposite. Of course, some planning is required, such as the characters that start off the story, the setting and a general direction. What’s different is that with less guidelines, more possibilities can open up if you’re a creative person. Let your characters tell the story, recognise what they’d do in the current situation and more often than not, it’ll produce some interesting results.

Of course, both the planning and organic methods come to the same conclusion: the editing process. It’s just a different method of novel growth.


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