P is for Play

Hello all!

Editing this from last week so if you’re late to the game, here I am at last!

This week (last week, whenever) I’m going to briefly talk about plays.

I love plays, whether as much as musicals, I’m not sure but I do love a play.

I don’t think I could narrow it down to one favourite play but it definitely is a toss-up between Alan Bennet’s The History Boys or the brilliant War Horse. They are both very different  but brilliant in their own ways. I love The History Boys because it’s rude, clever and funny and I love War Horse because its moving, exciting and dramatic.

I think the magic of a play, as opposed to screen is that there is always the tension of the live aspect of the show. I saw Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein at the National Theatre last year and again when they rescreened the play in cinemas a month or so ago. The show didn’t seem anywhere near as tense or scary as it had when seeing it live. It may have been the fact that I had seen the show before (though as a repeat viewer of shows I’ve never felt this before), but I felt that seeing it on-screen took something away for me.

The thing I like most about live theatre is that the show is never the same, no matter how many times you see it. Yes, the script and stage directions and songs (if there are some) are the same night by night, the delivery may not be and there may be adlibs or line flubs that no-one is expecting and that’s what makes it a unique. You could watch a film a hundred times and every time it would be exactly the same, but watch the same play a hundred times and something will change.

See you all soon,




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