P is for… Plethora.

A plethora of pen brands that is!

Hi guys!

So, pen brands – there are quite a few of them, and I know a handful beginning with “P” to keep within the theme week.

~ Parker
Mostly known for Parker fountain pens, they’re a British company (I think – I know that most of their pens are made here in the UK). They’re also known for their Jotter ballpoints.

~ Platinum Preppy
A great starter fountain pen, it’s costs about £3.00 from CultPens and you can refill it by buying more cartridges made by Platinum, or you can buy one of their converters so it can use all international cartridges.

~ Pelikan
Fountain pen producers. Beautiful pens, but rather expensive. I don’t own one but I’ve read a lot of reviews that say they’re worth it.

~ Pentel
Mostly known for their EnerGel pens which are total workhorses. They last a long time.

~ Pilot
One of my favourite companies and the makers of the VPen – the truly disposable fountain pen, because you can’t refill it once it’s empty, unless you hack it.

~ PaperMate
These guys make surprisingly good mini fountain pens. Their erasable Replay series aren’t that great (in my opinion) but most of their ballpoints are actually alright and comfortable to use.

Other P things include: pencils, pens, paper, paperclips, printers (need one of those to print all those stories and things!), Paperchase (love that store) and perfection (which is what stationery is to me really.)

Apologies for the odd, quick post today guys – odd and tough week. Until next time!

Danni x

Blog post word count: 262 words.


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