P is for Political Identity

We all have an identity. Duh. So it’s no surprise that there is many different fictional characters that portray this.

Identity is BIG topic. You could write an entire novel on it; I know I could quite easily. My political identity is a list kind of like this:

  • Gay with straight fantasies popping up now and again. You could say I am bi, I guess. (See the debate of identity coming through already?)
  • Believe in God but don’t follow a particular religion. Scolded because of it. This mainly being because of my sexuality. But I have to believe in something! The majority of my family are and were heavily religious. (That’s another debate to write about.)
  • Working Class, though not working. Ironic — I think so. That’s just life. You get a title that means FUCK ALL about who you are.
  • I’m male: What a breakthrough telling you that was! Because I don’t have proof in the southern area to prove that: Joke. If you get my drift, that is?
  • I’m a supposedly highly sensitive person who used to suffer (really badly) with Dyslexia. You can never get rid of that stuff, but on some level it contributes nicely to my stories and me as a person. But hey, I have this big  obstacle in front of me that I’ve had to bitch slap to the left — and I’m keeping it there. Also sometimes I can empathise with people a lot easier than I think I should.
  • I am a British citizen who was born in Sunderland hospital. Either that or I’m adopted. I’m the middle child of seven. I am quite different to a lot of my family too. So that’s possible. Although that might be down to the nurture debate. I love them all anyway.

So this post wasn’t as smart as I hoped it would be. It wasn’t fiction. But if you have read any of my stuff you might be able to see why I write about the things I do. How about we end with a good moral message… Okay:

So you can see political identity actual harbors more problems that it solves. It divides us. A lot of the time in a very bad way; on the same note that is great for characters! Because fiction — that connects us.



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