S is for… Suckage.

(Yes, that is now a word.)

Hi guys!

How’re you all this week? I’m… Not too bad I suppose. Well… No. That’s a lie. I’m not great. A bunch of crap seems to be going wrong as of late. And, it’s my 23rd birthday at the end of the month, which I know is going to suck. Like my birthday did last year. I hate not being able to see my mum or a bunch of my friends. I miss people. I’m glad I’ve got Matt, he makes it all a bit better. Y’know, I spent my 21st birthday trying to keep everyone else happy, doing everything they wanted. I thought it was supposed to be -my- birthday right? I have a feeling that this year is going to be the same. Like last year. Although I guess that last year was pretty quiet, so hopefully it will be like that. Quiet, if lonely. Or, it might be better, or worse, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Also, recently I’ve been thinking about how… How much crap I have. How many notebooks and paper related goods I have specifically; and how it feels like I’m never going to get through it all. I don’t really know anyone who I can give some of this stuff to either. Argh.

More to the point; it’s not like any of the stuff I write in my notebooks is any good anyway. It’s all fairly rubbish really. No hope of getting published at all – no hope of ever having an original idea what would allow myself to ever get published, which I’m not sure that I do. I don’t really know anymore.


Anyone else have any sucky things they want to rant about in the comments? Feel free!

Until next week guys,

(a more subdued)

Danni x

Blog post word count: 307 words.



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6 responses to “S is for… Suckage.

  1. Pen

    Write for you or for fun…not to be read?
    and everyone thinks their work sucks. D:

  2. jtotheptothe

    That is true: Everyone thinks their work sucks Danni! Mine does more than not. It’s usually a good sign though. Although I hate self-criticism, It really helps make everything better. The hardest thing about writing is how you measure success. Much like all media related jobs and projects. Do you wanna critics to love it, do you want the public to love, or do you want yourself to — well, at least like it? Or do you measure success by actual money? I still have no idea myself. I’ll shut up now.

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