S is for Silver Cathedral

I’m sorry about not posting last week. I don’t wanna explain the full reason, but the internet wasn’t operational. Let’s leave it there. Here’s the post to make up for the last two weeks.

I wrote a short story, which actually tuned in to a novelette (just) by the time I edited it the fourth time. I will be editing it for the last time before Christmas — before it gets turned in to an actual paperback book. And then, of course, given to my mum for a Xmas present.

Sadly I will not be there to see her reaction as me and my partner have decided to take turns at our parents for Christmases from now on, and we are starting with his. Will be very weird.

Anyway, getting to the point. I wrote this short story which turned in to a novelette. And now I am going to be posting a novelette on here which was originally going to be a novella. Only the first one, as it is split in two. I mentioned this earlier on in the blog posts. They are called: The Silver Cathedral, and its sequel: The 177th Swan.

So get comfortable. Bearing in mind this is a first draft, so expect plot holes to creep through, characters to not be in character, not so precise or exact representations of certain things, and technical errors. Although I am quite exited and impressed by how good and easy the words have come out so far myself. But pleasing myself is a different story to pleasing others. I have not wrote a childrens story before, and I think that shows. A few more drafts should change that with some much more needed research. Here it is:

The Silver Cathedral

(First Draft)

In the world of Astora; a place where the only land existed next to clouds in the sky. Its ground, only sea and water. This was the home to the two children that played a vital role in the war of the Neons on their home planet; a war which was called the ‘dark war’ here. Their names: Eleanor and Christian. Both, ten years old.

It started on a cold night. The clouds almost non-existent, much like the wind and sound around them.

“Did you hear about Everett town today?” said Eleanor.

“How could I of not,” replied Christian. “The whole week they haven’t shut about it.”

“I know, right,” replied Eleanor. She paused for a minute looking at the blue beautiful stars bright in the sky. “The Silver Cathedral; can you believe they are looking for new guards there. That is like my dream job.” She looked mesmorised in her thoughts. “Becoming a spell-caster, defending the king. Not to mention living in the most luxurious place to ever exist…”

“Hold on there, gal. I have a shot too.”

“Ha. I have seen you play sword fights with your sister. Talk about embarrassing. I think the stick might of actually went red for you. That’s how bad you are.”

“This is coming from Mrs. I want to get married to royalty. Get real. The best shot you have with Prince Etch is being next to him – for a second.” He went over to the well and looked down. Only it was so deep the bucket looked as if it wasn’t attached. All that could be seen was the incredibly long rope. The floor of sea looked more like a black road beneath them.  “And what the hell kind of a name is Etch? The king and Queen where obviously on illegal silver dust picking that… pixie dust… fairy dust… whatever you want to call it.”

Keep calm, don’t slap him in the face again like last week, thought Eleanor. Although it was funny seeing his reaction… No, don’t do it.

“Come on. I don’t want to fight. It didn’t end well last time,” said Eleanor. Christian sighed, responding:

“That’s true. It didn’t. It would be the grown up thing to do really.” Eleanor nodded, agreeing. They both went quiet for four seconds, and looked at each other.

They both laughed, not being able to keep a straight face and be serious about such a thing. “As if that is going to happen,” said Christian before they both laughed even harder. After the two calmed down, they both went to bed.


I thought it would be wise to fill you in on these two children: Eleanor was a finder. That was her gift, her hobby. She loved finding the lost and placing it in its rightful place. Nothing gave her more pleasure in the world.

Now Christian wasn’t a finder. He was a puzzle solver. He loved everything and anything complex that needed to be solved.

However, these two minds when coming together have actually gotten in to more trouble than solving it; regardless of their real impressive talents. The reason for this was simple: The challenge – there wasn’t any – at all. At least not in the village they lived in called Ora.

They were most definitely bored with life whilst growing up.

But in the year 2013, the two still ten years of age, everything changed. Neons were seen. A great burden fell upon their world from the first sight of them, and onwards.

Now let’s get one thing straight: The Silver Cathedral is actually the palace for the king and Queen. And also the prince. In short, all royalty. Because of this it’s rendered invisible from star magic; the guards being the ones protecting it with this power.

It was on such a day, that was close to the first encounter of these cruel beings being spotted in the year 2013, that an attack was made on the childrens home. This event led both Eleanor and Christian fleeing Ora, together.

No flames signalled the monsters arrival; only screaming and corpses left on the paths did, so they ran. They both noticed their parents were on that pile of corpses. That was what led them to run.

They didn’t know where to go, but they had to go somewhere other than in to the hands of death.

They ran for nearly thirty minutes before slowing down. Nobody was around now.

“If we were in a children’s story, this wouldn’t be so grim. And full of death, and misery,” said Christian.

“Not all children’s stories are like living on silver dust,” replied Eleanor. They both walked along the floating lands that covered approximately sixty percent of the planet.

“We’ve been running and walking for hours now. I think it’s time to rest.”

“Can’t argue with that.” They both stopped and sat on a big rock. It was near the main path they had been taking. Eleanor looked as if she was in a huff. But she didn’t act like it when it came to talking and interacting with her friend. She put both hands on her face, covering it. Christian then noticed she shook, and made noises.

“Oh, Eleanor. Please don’t cry.”

“I have lost my family and my home. I never knew it could be taken away so viciously to good people like me and my family… and you.”

“The Edeolon gods and godesses sure have a funny sense of humour. More like a sick one.” Eleanor wiped away her tears and turned around to look at Christian a minute later.

“I think it would be wise to go to Athana. There are passers by there that are supposed to know where the Silver Cathedral is. Or so I’ve heard. We have to warn them of what is happening. Or at least try.”

“You’re right. And with you, I know we will find the place.”

“Then it is settled. We will continue to Athana.”

“Yes. Right after the feeling in my foot comes back. It’s got numb from me sitting on it for so long. Pins and needles here I come.” Christian chuckled after hearing this, seeing both of her legs that were crossed she sat on uncross and then touch the floor.

They set off when they were ready. The sky was a nice blue. Only a few clouds scattered around near; still, this created what the Astorians called a clog (which is a cloud fog) over the path where they were going.

“It should take us about another hour to get to Athana, even in these conditions. The inn there should have news of some sort of how to get to the Silver Cathedral.”

“By the gods, I hope so,” replied Christian.

That’s all folks.


Currently reading:

The Gargoyle

Author: Andrew Davidson
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus comic Vol 1

Author: Joss Whedon , Eric Powell, Joe Bennett


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