S is for Spoilers

I know people who cannot read a book without looking at the ending first. Their argument is that by being assured that the protagonist and their friends will be alright by the end, they can enjoy the rest of the story more easily. Honestly? While I understand, I don’t really see the appeal myself.

For the longest amount of time, the rules of literature have stated that Everything Will Be Okay. The villain will be conquered, the protagonist’s relationship with his toothbrush will be stronger than ever and the dog will get home. There are numerous examples of this not being true, but for me that’s the thrill of reading. As time has progressed, there has been less and less reassurance that Everything Will Be Okay. Even if protagonists still rarely bugger off this mortal coil, their love interest, best friend or toothbrush are very often under threat of being evicted from this plane of existence.

People love to discuss books and films. It’s in their nature – they enjoy participating in something and then sharing their opinions and experiences with other people. Most of the time, there will always be someone who has yet to engage in such materials and quite occasionally, people are so desperate to get their opinions across that they’ll just go ahead and ruin the entire thing. Spoilers are dangerous if you don’t wish to encounter them.

One common rebuttal to spoilers is to “stay off the internet”. In that regard, you might as well stay at home, switch off your phone, burn the television and never do anything ever again. People who don’t learn self-control with spoilers or have the decency to keep them away from eyes that don’t want to witness them yet disgust me. If you have found enjoyment or spent time reading or watching something, allow others to have the opportunity.

Special apologies to anyone who found this post while looking for car maintenance blogs. /rimshot


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