T is for… Travelling.

Hi folks!

So, a detour (aha, I’m so witty) from stationery today because… Well, today I went to Brighton. Well, I say “I” but I mean “we” as in, the whole household. Unfortunately, I missed a shop dedicated to Alice in Wonderland (apparently), and I missed Chockywockydoodah, but… Man, I was tired. I should’ve also purchased a few more things but… Meh. I got a chance to see quite a few of the things that I look at online that I’d buy anyway. It’s nicer to actually see the things I like the look of, it gives me a better idea of what I’m getting.

But I digress. I hate long car journeys. I think I much prefer the train. It took us an hour and a half, maybe a tad longer to get to Brighton. Definitely a little bit longer than that to get home (because we went the wrong way once and there was a touch of traffic). Five of us in that relatively warm car; and the back seat was a little cramped; three of us in a two seater back seat, with that small, almost half space in the middle for a person. Apparently. Not cool. At least I had some decent leg room though. It was also really warm, even with the window open slightly. It was a bit cooler on the way back because I remembered to take my hoodie off. I should’ve drunk more too, that might’ve helped a bit more. I know what didn’t help at times – the driving. Matt’s dad’s driving isn’t that great… It can be scary at points. And! I was mega tired. I’d been up since about ten to six ish, and had done loads of walking. Everything’s really far away from everything else in Brighton. And I don’t like that, or not knowing where things are. I suppose in that regard I prefer Southampton, although it was really nice to go to a proper brick and mortar pen shop. Very nice. Oh, and one last thing about travelling; I don’t like not listening to my own music. My own stuff makes the trip go faster.

If you’re going to go on a long trip, learn from my mistakes guys. It will make you much more comfortable, and, after your journey there, it means you’ll enjoy your trip much more.

Until next week guys!

Danni x

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