T is for Tame

Sometimes I go as far as planning the story of a sequel before I write the first. I don’t know why. Maybe for security reasons. But sticking to the plan like a robot has never ever worked for me. It might for some. But not for me.

My better ideas come from using the plan as more of a blueprint. Hence the word ‘plan’.

Tame can consist of being dull. And plans are dull if you follow them too rigidly; so these allow my creativity to grow and become better whilst writing the first draft, or any of the others. I can’t imagine sticking to a plan. Actually, that might be my own personal hell right there. Yawn. Boring.

I think I knew in my heart I was meant to tell stories for a very long time. But I pursued this through the medium of film at first, then I was pointed to writing from there. Which I prefer for some things, and not for others. There’s always restraints with whatever medium you choose though.

I also think in some ways, I was never meant to be a writer — just a creator. But we’ll see where the road takes me anyway.

To quickly conclude: When it comes to tame writing — just simply don’t do it. Let it run wild. There’s always much more conflict to work with then 🙂

This post turned out much worse than it was in my head. I don’t think I typed fast enough. DAMMIT!

Hope you have a nice week. And here is the link to the second part of the Silver Cathedral:


Also I am writing the first draft of Thee Tribal Guard: The Nexus Chamber Story. I am going to be posting the word count of this every week. This was the secret project I mentioned quite a while ago. Not so secret now though lol Anyway:

Word count: 20,952


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