W is for… Wait, What?

Hey folks.

So, I’ve been 23 a week. Deep joy. Not. I feel very old. My birthday was alright I guess, yeah. I certainly got a lot of stationery. More notebooks than I can shake a stick at (my own fault though, I did buy them myself) – and a couple of fountain pens. Oh, and Chinese food. Woo. Anyway. Now I’m in a state of “oh my god so many notebooks – how am I ever going to get through them all. Oh my god help!” Yeah. That. That sort of stage. Again. I don’t seem to be that bothered about pens though. They seem to be easier to get though, or, they would be if I could put down my fountain pens for awhile. Duh.

But I seem to have difficulty putting my fountain pens down. I don’t think that this is technically a problem or a bad thing though. I just need to clean out the… Hmn. Few / two fountain pens I’m using (I mean, empty them / finish the cartridges) and then put all my fountain pens away – fill up my pen cups with all my gel pens and whatnot instead, then use those. That’ll work, right? At least, I hope that works because that’s what my plan is. We’ll see how well that goes. I guess gel pens run out quite fast, so thank god for that.

Y’see, I say that I’ll stop buying stationery; that I have too much (and yes, I really do say that; I worry about it too – that I will never use it all. Hence the title of this post. Most people wouldn’t believe that I’d actually say something like that.) But, the thing is, I don’t stop.

I find stationery a cheap, easy, pick me up. It’s so accessible and some of it is mostly pretty cheap. At least, the stuff I like is cheap. Ish. Most of it is. And I swear I’ve said all this before, many times. Anyway. I can normally find something for under a tenner, even under a fiver if I’m really pushed, to cheer me up, even if I have to get it online. But then I have to wait and I’m not so good at waiting anymore. Although, the waiting is easier once I’ve had the “your order’s on it’s way!” email. That’s always an exciting thing.

So yeah; that’s odd right? Me thinking that waiting sucks and that I have too much stationery. Who’d’ve thunk it?!

Still. I’m not going to stop buying the stuff. I have “an order” to buy “a notebook or something” with money a friend gave me for my birthday last week, so… I’m going to do that, tomorrow probably. I have a Paperchase one in mind actually.

So… There. (Ha!)

X week next week. Ooooohhh.!

Until next time,

Danni x

Blog post word count – 469 words.


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