X is for X… ?

If I was a Gossip Girl fan  I could have called this xoxo. If I was a gamer, I could write an ode to the x-box console. If I was a musician, I could write about that underrated instrument, the xylophone. If I was an X Men fan I could have written about them (or about Charles Xavier)

But, as it happens, I’m none of those things.

This week sees us trying to find words which we either a) know or b) know what they mean. I scoured some scrabble sites and dictionary websites but found no words that I knew that I could vaguely fashion a blog post out of.

So I’m here, trying to make the best out of what, frankly, is a silly letter. I’ve collected some data for you.

Out of 40,000 words the letter x had a 0.150% frequency, compared to e which had 12.702%. Only z was below x with 0.074%.
When surveying how many words were likely to begin with certain letters, x came out at 0.037%, whilst t came out at 16.671%. Now someone with more prowess in mathematics could probably explain this a little better, but read this post and you will see the frequency of different letters used.

The most commonly used letter is E with the most common consonant being T. You can see quite a few of those in that last sentence.

Also interesting is the frequency of words. I put the first chapter of my novel into a program that sees what the most common words are and, excluding small words like and, if and it, this was the result.

Said – 31, Basil – 30, Go – 27, Down – 17, See – 14, Want – 14, Look – 14, Away – 13, Back – 13 and Door – 12.

It goes on something like that. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to mention the name Basil 30 times in about 6 pages but never mind! Quite a lot of the words are quite common, but it would be interesting to see in later chapters what comes out!

Anyway, that’s enough of trying to squeeze something out of nothing!

Until next time,



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