X is for… X Rated.

Hi guys!

So. X Rated. You know, the hard stuff. Not the rubbish ’50 Shades of Grey’ bollocks (because I’ve read better erotica written by virgins) but more… Hardcore.

Nah. I’m just kidding.

We all have that one thing (maybe more than one) that gets us way more excited then it should, it makes your heart beat that little bit faster. For some, it’s video games, comic books, new books by a particular author, new music by a particular artist or band, new films… You get the point.

I get over excited about new stationery items. New BRIGHT stationery items in particular. For example, as of late, I’ve been totally in love with orange and lime green stationery items, so when Leuchtterm 1917 announced last month that they were going to be adding a nice, bright, juicy orange to their notebook colour choices, I squee’d. And possibly salivated a little bit. Now I just have to wait for a ‘release date’ for lack of a better term.

Another thing that excites me more than a dog outside a butcher’s shop is the news of… Well anything. Any news from my favourite bands / music artists (which isn’t happening very much at the moment) Or a new, decent, Sims expansion pack, like Supernatural that was released last Friday, and Seasons that is coming out in… November I believe.

Those things are really exciting for me. We all need things that make us tick – something that makes us a little bit giddy. For ‘addicts’ it’s often whatever they’re ‘addicted’ to – stationery for example, y’know? It’s even better when your friends totally get it too – they understand it and help you indulge in it.

I don’t see how being that passionate anything is bad. I know some people who are borderline obsessive about things.. I’m just very passionate. Stationery is essentially my porn. Well, that’s what my boyfriend says – at least it’s slightly healthier!

Hm. This is not quite the post I imagined it was going to be. No matter!

Until next week!

Danni x

Blog post word count: 339 words.


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