X is for X-Men

Like Lil’s post said on Tuesday, you could write about X-Men. And so — I am.

Also, today is the day that the blog has been going for exactly a year. Congrats to the other four writers on here: Lil, Danni and Craig — well done!

This week’s post is very predictable coming from me, but it had to be done. I’m afraid it’s going to be random too.

Okay, I’m going to tell you how I discovered the X-Men. It wasn’t from the comics funnily enough.

It was from the 90s X-Men cartoons on Fox Kids. This is taking me way back. The first episode I watched was round about when I was nine when I worked it out roughly. I thought it was strange, in my opinion, that Disney owned the rights to all of the Marvel cartoons back then, and still do, apparently.

I also used to watch the Fantastic Four 90s, Spiderman 90s, and sometimes the spin off show of the Silver Surfer on Fox Kids. I hated the cartoons of The Incredible Hulk, but then I hated the Hulk. So that makes sense. I used to watch the 90s Avengers cartoons on there too. Which wasn’t as good as the others, but I used to watch it solely because one of my favorite Marvel characters was on it: Scarlet Witch.

I watched a few episodes  of X-Men Evolution recently with her in; whilst I didn’t like the redesign of her look on it, when she was younger, they still done her character justice. Also, fans would know that she is Magneto’s daughter, the twin sister of Quicksilver. If you didn’t, you do now.

Scarlet Witch wiped out most of the mutant population on one of the marvel timelines. Yes — she is that powerful. Her reality altering abilities are crazy strong. Crazy being the perfect word, because she was once that too. But she is an interesting character because she has never being able to control her abilities as well as most mutants. At least not entirely. She has also had such a bad life, that it is hard not to feel for her.

I know Scarlet Witch is a big player in the Avengers comics now, but she was in the brotherhood in the X-Men for a long time too. I have been praying they would do her justice in a film, but in a way, I don’t know how they would. So in a way, I hope they don’t. There is no sign of her being portrayed anyway at this point of time.

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post called Fatal Femmes, that I am a fan of Jean Grey (which should be known as Marvel Girl, but never stuck) and Storm. I’m quite a big fan of Cyclops, and his relationship with Jean too. I like Iceman, Angel, and am big fan of Emma Frost AKA White Queen’s character, and where she comes from and has to do to prove herself to the X-Men. I like Psylocke because she is a hot British ninja assassin (or was) — and what’s wrong with that. Mystique for the surprising relationship to Nightcrawler and Rogue, as well as being one of the better characters on the villains side. There is too many to name really. I like a lot of them for many different reasons. I would like Wolverine more if they didn’t always depend on revolving a lot of their stories around him these days. He is completely overused in my opinion. But he sells, so that is gonna keep going 😦

Lastly, the best thing I love about X-Men — is Xavier and Eric’s relationship. They are enemies, but not in a clear black or white way (as in ying and yang). They still care for each other through their battles. They just have very different views which causes them to have to fight one another. But Magneto and Professor X always gives each other a chance to stop fighting, and do what each individual thinks is best.

It’s nice to have an antagonist that you feel more than hate for in my opinion. But that might be just me again.

I don’t think I explained the Xavier, Eric thing very well. But I know what I mean. And hope you do too.

I’m going X-Men crazy lately. I usually go through this phase every now and then. I’ve been playing the first Xbox’s X-Men Legends game. One of my favorite games of all times, as well as the second one, which is even better. Not surprising it is the best selling X-Men games to date. I’ve also been watching X-Men Evoloution. And watched the X-Men anime not that long ago, which was actually really good; people seemed to hate it though. It was just a different, and in some ways, better than the other cartoons. A new X-Men cartoon is being made at the minute. So I’m looking forward to that too 🙂

Also, to top this post off, me and three other friends that live in Sunderland, are working on an easier game project that is ( the other one is put on hold as we were getting too ambitious), you can probably guess, a superhero game. But — we are going to be turning it on it’s head. Traditional — I THINK NOT.

Jon here, wishing you all nice week

Also, this week the Silver Cathedral is getting put on hold, as I am focusing on finishing the first draft of another story this week. But I’ll post twice as much next week to make up for it.


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