Y is for “You’re left handed?”

Yes, yes I am. The graph above shows what I and many other left-handers get when people realise. When I say realise, I don’t think that somebody writing with a different hand to you should come as some great realisation. People do things differently. Writing with a different hand is just another one of those things.

I find it highly amusing that people find the way I write amazing/confusing/hard to understand/whatever. If anything, I think it looks really damn difficult being right-handed, even if mostly everything in the world was made to benefit right-handers.

For example: the mouse that is connected to this computer is on the right hand side. Why? Because that’s the way it’s made. I understand that you can put it on the left and switch the buttons around but it you have to dive into the computer settings to do that. A friend of mine from sixth form used to have to pull the mouse around to the left as he didn’t like using it on the right hand side. I’ve always done it on the right, and in some ways this has benefitted me because it means I can take notes with my left hand while scrolling web pages with my right.

Another one that annoys me is desks. (Give it a minute, you’ll see.) Most desks are built with the drawers to the right of the space for the chair, so that notebooks and so on can go to your right. NOT HELPFUL, DESK MAKERS! Luckily the desk I own is a massive ex-NHS one so this isn’t the massive problem it could be if it was a bog standard Argos job.

Other things that try to ruin my life on a daily basis are: can openers, scissors, spiral notebooks, trying to write in fountain pen and it actually ending up not smudged, vegetable peelers (sounds silly, is not), underground ticket barriers (think about it – which side are they on?), pencil sharpeners (for a very long time I always had to get someone to sharpen my pencils for me) and probably other things I can’t think of right now.

I must say I’ve never that aware that I am left-handed, I just do things how I would naturally do things. It’s not a defining thing in my life (though to have written a whole blog post about it, you’d think so). This scene from BBC’s Sherlock actually made me realise how little things show different handedness. I don’t know if any of the things in the clip would be relevant in my house, as I live with a right-hander (and always have), but it would be interesting to see what it would be like if I had my own house.

While looking up ideas for this post on Google, I came across a Yahoo Answers page titled: “Why do left-handed people write so weird?” Um, thanks…

On a serious note, I do feel sorry for anyone that’s ever tried to teach me anything that involves specific actions with specific hands. They would show me and I would just say “Right, now show me how I’d do it left-handed.”

I do know one thing – I’ve got in easy as a left hander these days. This article outlines some of the things left-handed people have had to put up with in the past. My Grandma was forced to write with her right hand even though she was left-handed, so compared to that, me and my left-handed cousin have got it easy.

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