Y is for… YYYYYYYYYYYYY ?!?! (Or, Whhhhhhyyyyyy?!?!)

Hey folks!

So, I’m not too bad today. This week’s letter was a bit of a struggle. Much more of a struggle than any other week. Even last week. Which, is kinda odd really… Though, as of right this second, I’m still a little unsure about what to write about next week. Either way…

Today I’m going to talk about “why.” Why what? I hear you ask. Why writing? Why a writer? (Something like that anyway.)

I think I was in year… 5 maybe (so I was maybe about… Eight years old.) We were given a homework assignment; we were given a starting paragraph of a story and we had to complete the story. All I remember about the details is that the story involved ice cream, and even then, I’m not 100% sure that I’m right about that. It was a very long time ago but I’m pretty sure that it sounds right. I don’t remember the grade I got for it either, but I think it was a good one, because I feel.. Glowy, when I think about it. So I must’ve been proud of it.

Anyway. I think from that homework task onwards, I think I found that writing stories was… Fun. In addition to all that, my best friend, Emma and I used to make up stories together, based on our favourite shows, all the time. That was much more enjoyable than homework!

I don’t remember much after that until a few years later. I’d moved house, switched favourite shows and started secondary school. Emma and I would still make up stories when we saw each other in the holidays, but at this point, we started writing them down too. And, I started writing my own stories too. Hey, I even put them on the internet! (I think there’s still some there somewhere.) Boom. Those stories, the ones I put online, got me hooked on creating scenarios and writing them. I say “creating scenarios” because like a lot of 11 or 12 year old girls, I was writing fan fiction. I still do actually, and I enjoy it very much.

Fast forward through secondary school to college. I meet a great group of people, and, in that group is a girl called Jazz. I’m pretty sure it was her who introduced me to the college’s Creative Writing Group, and to NaNoWriMo. She was also the one who showed me the “Writing Contemporary Fiction” degree in Southampton Solent University’s prospectus. I was in my second year and I think she was in her third. She went on to do the course at Solent, and I followed a year or so later. Unfortunately the Uni course wasn’t quite all I thought it was going to be. But I met some amazing, truly amazing people, three of whom co-write this blog with me, and I graduated (something I thought I wouldn’t do) so I don’t regret it. Oh, and we can’t forget the fact that I met my other half there ❤ And I love him very much, but that's another post. Of course, there were bad times and some not so great people, but hey, that's life. Live, learn, move on. I have. In regards to most of it. Some things are much harder to get over than others.

Anyway, going back to college…

That year, NaNoWriMo 2006, I only wrote 7,000 words, but it was 7,000 words more than I'd written all that college year and that's when the writing really bit me. I don't think I've really properly stopped since. Well, except for a couple of brief moments during Uni when I was at my most unhappy or stressed. I think that was natural though. However, I think the writing really suffered during second year, it was fine during first, and really blossomed during third – when I was happier, much happier.

So. Why writing? Because I suck at crafts? Because I cannot draw? Because music in all its forms eludes me? Because anything else is not my forte. Writing is my thing because… Because that's the way it is. That's the talent, if I can call it that, that I was given. And I'm glad, because of all the people it allowed me to meet, because of all the good times it's given me, and because I really enjoy it.

And hey, it can be really cheap – you can write on almost anything and, at the most basic of levels, pencils cost pennies. (Although I won't deny that I love the more expensive tools…)

There we go then…

Until next week…

Danni x

Blog post word count: 760 words.


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