Z is for… Zest.

Hi guys!

Well. This is the final week of the alphabet project. It’s actually been really fun 🙂 some letters have been a bit… Well, frustrating but it’s still been fun. Let’s get on with it, the last letter, shall we?

Z… Z is for zest. Which, according to Google’s “define” feature, in this context, means: “great enthusiasm and energy.”

This describes me when stationery is mentioned, or when someone asks for my advice on said subject. Zesty. Ha. I’m also pretty zesty when it comes to talking about my favourite crime shows. Or video games. More about the stationery and crime shows I think though.

As I mentioned at least once before on this blog; we all need at least one thing that we’re passionate about – that we have enthusiasm by the bucketfuls about / for.

If one has nothing that ignites a fire within themselves, then… Well I dread to think. I think that if a person doesn’t have a passion for at least once thing then… I don’t think that… I don’t think… I don’t know. I just know that it’s not good. If you can’t find at least one thing to be passionate about, even something small, and maybe stupid to some, then I think I’d be worried about you. Seriously. Take a breath. Lighten up. Get excited about or by something. Even if it’s just pens and paper.

I think people NEED hobbies. Without hobbies it’s just work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep. And rinse and repeat. Isn’t it? All work and no play makes people dull. Or, it makes them go crazy. Like, “The Shining” crazy; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Or something like that. Y’know?

It never hurts to have something to indulge in when everything else sucks. Hey, it’s why I write, it’s why lots of people read. There’s got to be some merit to it all.

Ah. I honestly mean no offence by any of this. People tell me I’m weird for my interests, but hey, it keeps me sane. And happy. Happy ish anyway. I’d certainly be a lot worse if I didn’t have my hobbies; the things that get me “zesty.”

And, on that note, I’m going to end this entry. I apologise for the… Lameness. It was going to be good and then I got side tracked and… Tangent ahoy! I’m sorry. Either way, I’m going to leave this one here before I really go on a deep sea fishing expedition while clutching at straws.

Until next week!

Danni x

Blog post word count: 425 words.


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