Z is for Zombies

I have to put a WARNING on here about the graphic images and news it will depict. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

I think zombies are bad. Bad, as in the worst horror invention to exist that I know of. Worst — as in they are FUCKING scary. I have the occasional dream about them, and they never end well.

Zombies are just about surviving. So it’s only a matter of time till you die. It’s just when: That’s the question. There are very few happy endings with zombies. In fact, I can’t recall one good ending of the top of my head.

Yes, the horror genre scares, but are some of these inventions actually possible? And is the zombie apocalypse already begun?

People here certainly believe so.

People are also trying to cover it up here.

I’ll leave it up to you. But a friend came up with an idea. She then decided it would work even better with two people writing it. So I am that person. Not going to get too deep in to it, but it is planned to be written like a diary from a woman’s and man’s point of view about the zombie apocalypse beginning. Go figure. It fits perfectly with the last post of the alphabet project.

That’s all from me.

Jon here. Hope you all have a good week.

Word count: 36,497 Been doing not so great on this due to becoming ill, and not being able to focus well. However, I did leave it on my week off at three broken ends. I’ve tied one up still. Two more to go. It’s starting to form the way I wanted now 🙂 But there’s a harder, yet shorter journey ahead with the editing in a few weeks!

Sorry about the short word count on Silver Cathedral this week. Every time I look at the screen I feel dizzy and get an even worse headache. I wrote this blog quite a while ago on MS Word.



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