Z is for Zzz

Even though a few people are probably rolling their eyes right now, there’s a lot more to “Zzz” than merely being the onomatopoeia associated with someone sleeping. Well, not much more. According to the Scrabble dictionary, it’s a word that can be used. Lots of points? No, traditional Scrabble sets only have one letter Z tile so you’d have to use two blanks, resulting in a mere 10-point word. Alas, some things are not meant to be.

Here’s a quicklink guide to the entire Alphabet Project:

is for: Auberon, Addiction, Angel, Ask.

B is for: Brideshead, Ballpoints and Biros, Breaks, Brain.

C is for: Characters, Cartridges and Converters, Cathedral, Craig.

D is for: Detectives and Denouements, Dilution and Dependency, Dos and Don’ts, Distractions.

E is for: Endurance, Erasable Pens, (the) End, Elimination.

F is for: Fens, Fountain Pen Fascination, Fatal Femmes’, Frustration.

G is for: Genre, Gel Pens and Gratitude, Guilt, Geek Love.

H is for: Harry, Handwriting, Heedian, Hinting.

I is for: Isherwood, Inkjoys, Internet, Iteration.

J is for: Jubilee, Journals, Jon, Juggernaut.

K is for: Keep Calm and Carry On, Keep ’em Coming, Keep Going, Keep ’em Keen.

L is for: Laurie, Lamys, Letters and Luckiness, Learning, Library.

M is for: Movies, Mechanical Pencils, Magic, Meme.

N is for: Nothing, Notebooks, Never Say Never Again, Nightmares.

O is for: Overachiever, Online, Overdone, Organic.

P is for: Play, Plethora, Political Identity, Placeholder.

Q is for: Questions, Quirk, Quotes, QWERTY.

R is for: Reading, Rest, Relaxation…Ranting!, Return.

S is for: Sassoon, Suckage, Silver Cathedral, Spoilers.

T is for: Time, Travelling, Tame, Temporal Traversing.

U is for: Unfinished, Understanding, UnderdogUltimatum.

V is for: Voice of Reason, V Pens, Voice(s), Vulnerability.

W is for: Without You, Wait, What?, White’s Writing, White Whine.

is for: X…?, X-rated, X-Men, Xykon.

Y is for: “You’re left handed?”, YYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?! (Or, Whhhhhhyyyyyy?!?!), You, Yellow.

Z is for: Zest, Zombies, Zzz.


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