New Idea.

I suppose my new puppy, Ella, is a big motivation for this story. But I have grown up around dogs all my life, and have always loved them. There was Bes, Beefy, Puddles, and now — Ella; maybe she was the little push I needed to do this.

There is no amazing title for this. But then what is an amazing title for a story, really? It’s just called Dog and Human right now.

Unlike anything I have read before, and having big inspiration from Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, this new idea will come from the puppy’s POV in first person, and the third person — from the baby’s. The reason I want to do it this way, is because I want to  focus more on understanding the magic of the dog’s language. There is a lot of research for me if I want to get this one right. And not just written research, but actually taking notes and trying to analyse and observe my own puppy.

I knew I had to write a puppy story, but I have trouble letting it go in to the children’s area. I would like to tell a beautiful story, but at the same time, a truthful one. So I will have to let this one keep churning in my head for a while before I decide. All I know so far, is that it will focus on a puppy and baby’s relationship for about ten years. And since they advise not getting a dog when you’re baby is too young, I thought maybe the reason these two very different beings could become so good friends, almost like a family, from such a young age, is for the reason they were both abandoned. Which is the very thing what brought them together.

It’s a no briner who this will be dedicated to. I only hope I can get this one the way I imagine it.

I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than a baby and puppy playing together. It makes me want to cry, but in a good way. I just pray I can convey that in to simple words.

Jon here.

Silver Cathedral will be posted in several hours. I’ve been away for three days and am catching up with several pieces of writing right now.


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