A is for Aftermath, but that’s not a thing anymore.

That was an interesting 26 weeks. I think we learned a lot of things. I know I did. Writing to a theme can often be helpful, but letters give a lot of choice. Almost too much, in some cases.

So, October. Lil’s already spread the NaNoWriMo love this week so I’ll spare it no further thought in this post, other than I’m going to do my hardest to do it this year. Not sure which idea I’m going to try and develop but hopefully it’ll turn into something interesting.

How are things, I hear no-one ever ask? Alright. Same old life, nothing new – almost. I have an interview on Tuesday for a work experience placement with a magazine company, so I might be blogging about that. Maybe you’ll never hear about it again.  I finished reading The Shattering, a Warcraft novel, this week so I might try my hand at reviewing it next week to try and get back into the habit of reviewing things.

Not much to report beyond that, for now. I hope you enjoyed reading our alphabet project posts as much as we enjoyed writing them!


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