So last week I wrote about October goals. So far I haven’t got anywhere. Motivation evades me, as always, which is really crap, but never mind.

This week I thought I would write about books and sentimentality and things like that. Recently I cleared my bookshelves in the hope that I’d clear some space for new books and to weed out the ones I either hadn’t read and had owned for a long time or had read and was never going to read again. In reality all I did was slim down my book collection slightly, so that there’s only one overflow pile and it’s small enough to fit on the edge of a chest of drawers.

Getting rid of books (especially three bags worth) was hard, mostly because I feel like I must hold on to every single book I have ever owned with the thought that one day I may want to read it again and not be able to find it if I don’t own it. This is not the case as I have so many books that I probably will never get around to reading and keep buying more and more which doesn’t help that problem at all.

Since getting rid of all of those books I’ve only bought about three. I know I have nowhere for new books to go but it doesn’t seem to make any difference!

The notion of book owning is different to everyone. Some houses you go into have barely any books, if any at all. Some have a bookcase in a corner somewhere. Others, (my favourite kind) have them scattered everywhere. I don’t think there is a room in our house without books in it (yes, even the bathroom!).

Why do we have such relationships with books? To some they are just words printed onto paper, but for others, the  book lovers, they are life, death, love, hate, relationships, friendships, war, peace, disaster, horror, adventure and so much more.

That’s all this week,


Currently reading: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis.


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