The Draft of Our Lives

This is the second time I’m writing this because WordPress crashed, and for some reason it didn’t save. So it might not have the same affect as the first one.

Unlike stories and writing, our lives have one draft. The first draft is the finished product. We cannot get a second or third draft.

A lot of life is about falling and getting back up; there is even a lot of stories about it; life is essentially about that, and the balance of the things in our life. Each person’s is different. So I can’t speak for everyone.

I havn’t updated my reading list in ages. I’ve been reading mainly graphic novels, journals and articles lately though. Will do it eventually.

I’m dividing my time between three projects at the minute. And if I leave it for just a few days, then there is a mass to get through. As well as running around after Ella, cleaning and job hunting. I have also not been sleeping so well due to having a great deal of pain coming from my teeth. But I am working on that. I’ve being walking round like a zombie for a while now.

This is a short post.

Jon here. I Wish you all a good week.

Silver Cathedral.


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