The Sad, Sad Tale of Moeman

As it happens, I have a large number of online contacts through gaming and social media like Twitter. A fair number of these I’ve Skyped with or viewed a Facebook profile of. These people are clearly who they claim to be. It’s no fact that the anonymous shroud that the Internet provides can spur the worst from the most normal of humanity.

A couple of years ago (well about four now) I made friends with a guy on the Internet, through gaming means. Moeman was an egotist but a pretty good player and we had some laughs, never Skyped though. He claimed to have served in the army and occasionally had long periods of absence where he wouldn’t be online. He had a girlfriend who occasionally came on and who I chatted with too. The whole thing just wasn’t believable though. There were doubts in my mind, things that didn’t add up. It was like analysing a bad piece of Fan Fiction.

One day while talking to her, I received a message from a supposed officer in the army, who was apparently sat in the hospital with Moeman, who was in a coma. The entire evening was a charade during which his last will, wishes, a special message for his closest friends etc were distributed. The fact this entire thing happened on MSN was laughable. Eventually Moeman “woke up” and I told him where he could stick it.

The reason I’m telling this story is because character flaws can work in reality – and when they appear, be wary of who you talk to or you might fall prey to the roflcoptors of Moeman too.


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