Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

A few weeks ago I started talking about Nanowrimo a month early. I’m back to do it again!

The idea I had scribbled over many pages proved far too complex to work out all the intricacies in a month, so I’ve settled for something slightly less complicated, but still (as ever) rather dramatic.

Still not wanting to move on from pretty much every novel I’ve ever tried to write, it’s going to be set just after the first world war (sorry, I know I’m predictable, but as they say ‘write what you know’) and involve two friends who come back together after several years to find each other changed. There is, as always, a twist in the tale, but it would be no good giving that away now!

I’m struggling with naming my characters. I have two or three name books and spend time trawling through them for names, rather than click around on behindthename or suchlike. I’ve come to realise on recent name searches that I’ve actually used a lot of names that I like in things already. Obviously, I can reuse names if the character was only a minor one but it did lead me to think about whether I’ve picked the right names for the right characters over time.

There are some which I would never consider changing, but others could be taken and shifted about, or characters transplanted into completely different stories and so on. The one joy of being unpublished is to be able to play around with this little world you have created and moved people around and backwards and forwards in time (not literally) and make them useful in a new story where they may have just been lingering in the background of another.

I also had the idea of a detective novel today at work (of all places!) but again it would need a lot of research and reading around the subject before I got it anywhere near where it would need to be.

Talking of reading, I haven’t been doing much! I finished The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, but can’t decide what to read next. It’s probably a toss up between The Casual Vacancy (J.K Rowling’s new book, as if you didn’t know!) or Pat Barker’s Toby’s Room.

The problem is any time I go to choose a book I don’t want to pick up either of those, or anything else! I only have 8 books left to read this year and I hit my goal of 40. Here’s hoping winter prompts me to read some more!




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  1. Pen

    I can never decide on names as well. I usually end up stealing them. XD

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