You are not prepared!

Hi folks!

(Kudos if you get the title reference.)

I’m feeling a bit better this week. Well, maybe a little panicky because there’s what? About a week or so until NaNoWriMo starts and I am so totally unprepared, which really sucks. I was so prepared last year and I know that I only did as well as I did because of all that planning and preparation; I had stacks of planning; I mean, literally sheets of it, even if those sheets only had one or two bullet points on it for that year. (I was writing Harry Potter Marauder era fan fiction while they were still in school. This made planning so easy, it really did – a sheet of paper for each year, several bullet points for each year and boom. Easy.)

This year, so far I have a couple of sides of A4, covered in musings. Mostly questions. Sort of “if do A then I must do B and find an explanation as to why C would be happening in that case” – things like that. I suppose that stuff is sort of like planning, I mean, I’m still working on the detail and I’m still thinking about what I want to write, right?

Huh. Most of those details aren’t even certain. I’m not even certain of the genre I’m going to write, I’m not certain that I’m going to handwrite (though I really blooming want to and I really, really should!) Hell, I’m not even sure that I’m going to take part, though I want to. More to the point, I really should. NaNo’s one of the few remaining consistent things in my life. Well, not just NaNo, I mean, more writing in general. It’s always been just a thing I’ve enjoyed. Like reading is for some people, writing is an escape for me. Even if most of the stuff I write is rubbish and all sounds the same. I still enjoy it and that’s what’s important, right?

Anyway. So my planning is going… Badly. Not as well as last year. But it’s going so that’s better than nothing. Even though I can, and have, jumped straight into writing something big without any planning at all. But after the stonking success of last year, the idea of not planning anything scares me a little.

Lil mentioned something yesterday about those types of people who write the 50,000 words and then say “I wrote a book!” and how annoying it is. I’m totally with her on that. While I haven’t written anything book like, I know how freakin’ hard it is, and how much work goes into it. And the stress it can cause. That’s what happens when your friends are more awesome than you. Me, personally? I’ve never said that I’ve written a book – I always refer to my word count because it sounds more impressive that way. Also, the stuff I write could never be published, even if I did clean it up. Hello copyright issues! (Ah, the problems with only writing fanfic.)

Oh well. Even if I don’t handwrite the 50,000 words “writing anything is winning” (thank you for that one Lil, I think that’ll have to go in my little quote book.) And, not surprisingly, I agree with her there too.

Anyway. That’s all for this week folks, as I really should get back to the drawing / planning board.

Until next week folks,


Danni x

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2 responses to “You are not prepared!

  1. You saved me from a lot of pain. I, too, really want to do NaNoWriMo, but have little to no planning. Doubt that you’re alone!

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