This is why we can’t have nice things…

People abuse words these days, it’s no secret. Words and acronyms that once had an acceptable meaning have been dragged through a field of manure by a tractor of indecency and repetition. Some words have no right to exist anymore. Here’s a few.

Like – You can adore something. You can enjoy something. There are so many other synonyms for “like” that it really, like, doesn’t need to exist, like, because people, like, insert it into sentences so it’s, like, every other word. Unless you’re playing the Legend of Zelda, leave it alone.

LOL” – It’s reached the stage where if you use this acronym more than once in a two minute period then I have little desire to continue the conversation. “Hi how are you lol?” Originally the acronym stood for “laughing out loud”, but what’s funny about asking how I am? To that extent, why does it require such extensive and outlandish laughter? “Im sad lol” THEN WHY ARE YOU PUTTING FORWARD LAUGHING?!

#YOLO – The amount of stupid people who use this as an excuse is a problem that goes back beyond the original “You Only Live Once” phenomenon. Yes, you only live once. That doesn’t mean that smoking a walrus, bungee-jumping into a volcano or punching your dad are appropriate things to do with your life, because unless you follow certain philosophies or religions, you actually only live once.

Literally – Nine out of ten times, this word is used incorrectly. “I’m going to go kick that guy’s ass, literally!” No you won’t. “I literally cannot stand this!” Yeah, you can. “I literally would eat nothing but bananas for a year” No. No, you wouldn’t. If you must use this word, use “really” instead but that word will be on this list by the same time next month.

This list is actually kinda fun to write, so I’ll hold off for now and bring up a few more in the future. If there are any words or acronyms that you just wish would die in a hole, post in the comments and we’ll feature them sometime if we agree!


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  1. Pen

    I always wear my seat my seatbelt: YOLO

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