This post is a bit image heavy, so it will continue after the cut.

I am actually in Amsterdam right now! (Well, depending on when you read this…)

As I’m preparing this in advance I thought I’d share some of my favorite things with you. My bookshelves. Click on the pictures to make them bigger!

This is the first set of shelves which mostly houses comic related things and research books.

Close up of the three shelves. You’ll see along the line that I’m a great fan of putting stuff on my bookshelves that aren’t books. Shelf on the left is mostly Tintin books with a few other things in there. (and yes, those are Blue Peter books. Get over it!) Second shelf is First World War/History research books and the bottom shelf is a random selection of non fiction books.

This is the second bookshelf, which as you can see is has a lot of random bits and bobs on in. (such as dinosaurs!)

The top shelf really encompasses me as a reader, I think and the second features Evelyn Waugh, Agatha Christie and P.G Wodehouse. Third shelf (right hand picture) has Jonathan Coe, Enid Blyton, C.S Lewis and Michelle Magorian, fourth has Charlie Higson’s Young Bond (hidden behind that frame) several Ian Fleming Bind books, a couple of classics and the the Christopher Isherwood section.

These two shelves are a selection of books where I may not have more than one book by the same author (which must be kept together!) Right on the bottom shelf though are all of the Morse books by Colin Dexter, but one, which is on the next shelf!

This little shelf is actually the side of my chest of drawers. This picture is a but dark, but it’s mostly Sherlock Holmes books, with a few Agatha Christie’s as well (the ones that wouldn’t fit with the others on the other shelf) and The Casual Vacancy thrown in there mainly because I didn’t have anywhere else to put it.

Round the corner from that (you can see the end Agatha Christie book in the bottom left corner) is these two little shelves. They are actually double stacked, but I didn’t want to pull all the books out to take photos of both layers.

On the left are all my play scripts, my favourites being The History Boys film and play scripts and the Journey’s End script. Worryingly enough I actually sorted them into publisher sections, which you can see if you look close enough! On the right are just a selection of books, including most of John Green’s novels (just missing Will Grayson, Will Grayson) and The Stranger’s Child (which was excellent). The gap is where the book I’m currently reading (The Prestige by Christopher Priest) goes.

This is the most mammoth shelf of all, and actually used to be in either mine or my sister’s childhood bedroom. (We had the same bookshelf, but who knows who this one belonged to!) Also note the rather patriotic bunting that used to also hang in my university bedroom in third year.

Starting at the top with this frankly terrible photo is my Harry Potter collection and some really lovely bookends that my Nan bought me. They came in a set with the Goblet of Fire paperback and I will never, ever get rid of them.

The top shelf on the left is probably my favourite as it houses all my war poetry books. As you can see I have a section dedicated to Sassoon books (because I really am that cool…) and quite a few of those books are my prized possessions. My complete works of Shakespeare also live on that shelf because there was a big gap where I had cleaned out some books and nowhere to put the Shakespeare until then! The shelf under that is mostly First World War non fiction. On the right the books are (on the top shelf) mostly First Word War fiction and (the bottom shelf) an assortment of random books that had nowhere else to go!

This shelf holds oversized books that don’t fit on my normal shelves and the bottom shelf just holds foreign editions of Harry Potter that various people have bought me on holidays.



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2 responses to “Bookshelves!

  1. kenounirenashin

    I spy Beginning Theory! I can’t believe you still have that.

    Then again, I think I do somewhere up north too XD Along with everything we’ve ever had to read, even if I didn’t read/like it. I just can’t throw books away. It’s like throwing money away D:

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