Bad For

Been busy with show this weekend, so here’s a special post devoted to my utmost hatred for a certain word in the English language, more than any of last week’s submissions.

Good – Open your Facebook feed, if you have a Facebook account. If you don’t, just pretend to or get a friend to. Scroll down and load a few pages. Press your Control and F keys to open the “find” option and search for the word good. Alternatively, or if this example doesn’t work, go to Google and search for “good”. 7,790,000,000 pages found, more than Doctor Who, God and pasta combined. The point I’m trying to make is not only that this word is overused, it’s the dead horse that’s been beaten so much it’s come back to life three hundred times.

Don’t use it if you can, unless the character doesn’t care about what they’re saying. I find myself using it in conversation a lot and it really, really irritates me.



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2 responses to “Bad For

  1. What a GOOD post. (Sorry, it had to be done!) – Lil

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