Week One

So, as we know, it’s week one of Nanowrimo. (yay!)

I’m slightly behind, because I didn’t start until the 2nd, and I’m slightly worried about being behind. I’m finding it really hard to catch up, because my story is not all that exciting at the moment.

The plan and basic outline seem quite exciting but I can’t seem to translate that into the actual written word. I think I’ve got to just power through the build up until I can get to the bigger moments.

The problem I’m having is how early to introduce the main problem/plot point. I’m only about 5,700 words in (as of Monday, 5th November) and feel this is far too early to be introducing that point. If I do it too early, I feel like I’m going to run out of plot and not have enough of an idea to actually read 50,000. I think I may just have to persevere and hope that it goes the same way as last year, that the story will take off and I’ll actually have a plot at last!

I usually try to work off a few line and hope that ideas will spark off that. I also hope that ideas will just spark as I go on, which has been happening (a little) so far.

So, I will leave you for now, and get back to the nano-ing.


Current Nano word count: 5,742


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