NaNoWriMo A Go Go!

Hiya folks!

First off, yes I am aware that I may have used this exact same title last year, but… Hey, as long as the post isn’t the same, right?

Anyhow. I’m an yet again taking part in NaNoWriMo (come on, you should all know what it is by now…) but this year I’m… I’m doing it all by hand. Yes, the old fashioned way.

(I’m typing this straight up this week instead of handwriting it first because it’s quicker, and won’t take away too much of the time I should be using to write.)

I’m… I’m actually not doing too badly. It’s a bit slow, obviously, but I’m getting there. I don’t think I’m too behind which is a bonus. So far, at the time of writing (I’m typing this on Tuesday before I’ve done any writing for the day) I’ve written 21 A4 sheets – double sided so that’s 42 sides / pages of A4. This is huge for me, especially considering the fact that I’m so used to using A5 notebooks. I will admit that it’s still disappointing counting the words on the three doubled sided sheets you’ve written, to find that you’re still a good 500 words away from the daily goal. But even then, that’s just one page sometimes – if I was using A5 paper, that be about three or four pages. Slightly more intimidating I think!

I’m quite proud of myself, even though it’s killing me a little. But, I’m far too stubborn to just give up, and / or switch to typing even though Matt suggests that I should, switch to typing that is, when I start worrying about not meeting the word count. I then get all stubborn and just get on with it, and then, when I do meet the word count, he tells me that he’s proud of me. Which I like for some reason. Probably because a huge part of me really doesn’t think that all my writing is worth it but… Meh. He supports me. That’s what matters really.

So yeah. I think I’m definitely on track with this; if I’m not, I’m certainly still proud of how I’m doing, and I definitely plan on sticking to pen and paper until the end, just to prove to myself that I CAN do it. I mean, I already know that I can type my little heart out – I did very well last year. I’m not planning on trying to beat that one though, that would definitely kill me, and I’d never want to handwrite anything else ever again! (Which, considering the fact that I have so many notebooks and pens, would be a MAJOR problem.)

The best thing about the last two years of NaNo though, has been the fact that it’s showed me that I can write in a linear fashion, instead of jumping all over the place. Go me 😀

Hm. I don’t know what else to say really. If you want to check out my progress, my NaNoWriMo profile is here. I update my word count at least once a day, so it’s fairly accurate.

Good luck to anyone who’s reading that’s taking part!

Until next week,

Danni x

Blog post word count: 527 words.


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