Sorry I am mega late this week, but you know, things happen and it’s all very exciting and then things get forgotten (like this). I apologise.

So, lets get it over with now – Nanowrimo. I’m only on 13,556 and the goal for today according to the website is 21,666, which means I am 8,110 words behind. Joy. The ideas for it are coming on a bit stronger now and the plot seems to have swung out in a different direction but it doesn’t matter! I’m going to try and catch up but unless I can write a considerable chunk in one day (of, say, 8,110 words) I don’t think it’s going to be a success this year. Never mind. Last year I had no job and nothing better to do, but this year I have solid commitments which mean I can’t stay up until 5am writing every day.

In other news, I am applying to A University to do a Masters degree. This is making me very stressed and nervous already and I haven’t even finished filling out the form. Let’s just say they want quite high standards and I need to try very hard to meet them. Fingers crossed.

I also FINALLY finished reading The Prestige, which was a decent book, but it just felt far too long. There was a lot more storyline (as in “filler”) than there was in the film so I felt a bit bogged down by that. The only unfortunate thing about the book is that I am glad to have finished it!

That’s it for now,



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